Miriam's fDC

Meet Miriam

Miriam is a qualified Early Childhood Education & Care professional located in Carindale. She has been a FDC educator since 2012, receiving multiple nominations for Educator of the Year in the Excellence in Family Day Care awards.

Miriam is passionate about working with children including providing a learning environment that is safe, loving and fun, where children can develop their full potential in every aspect of their lives: physical, social, and emotional. She believes that it is in the early years that children form who they are as individuals and that it is my responsibility as an Educator to be a role model: we need to treat children in the same way we would like them to treat others, with kindness and respect.


Her home language is Spanish, which she also teaches the children in care, bringing along a fountain of beautiful childhood memories of family life and strong friendships that last a lifetime.